Our Farm

High herd health - all our animals are bread and kept to a high standard.


Certified antibiotic free - only using antibiotics for specific animals who are ill.

All of our animals are pedigree, free range, roaming naturally around the farms grounds.

The difference between pedigree beef and general shop bought Beef:

Beef generally purchased from a shop will say 'Angus' 'Highland' 'Wagyu' 'Herford' etc as the breed of beef that the produce has come from.  If you look carefully at the small print, it will also say something like ' produce of cows sired by pedigree bulls'. 

This generally means that the female was a non-beef breed and that the male was a pedigree beef breed.  This allows you to purchase less expensive beef as they will have been barn reared on feed and grain rather than on pasture. 

Our beef is from a pedigree suckling herd of Dexter, British White and Wagyu cattle. This means that the female is a beef breed, the male is a beef breed and that the calves stay with their mother in the fields for a minimum of a year. 

*Poppies farm welcome Volunteers (age 16 and over)

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