Meet The Family

The Robertsons

Poppies Farm has been in the family since 1972.  It was part of a much larger farm owned by Jo’s father. When the original farm sold in 1988 Poppies Farm land was retained by the family and Poppies Farm was born! 


Farmer  Steve

Farmer Steve is a builder by trade has built our farm infrastructure and as you will see it is still growing! Our classrooms are next on the building schedule and Steve oversees the growing site plan of our glorious farm. Steve is also our Dexter Beef farmer, breeding and growing our cattle herd.  Without Steve's expertise and business acumen the Farm would still be a dream. 


Farmer Jo

Farmer Jo is responsible for the day to day running of the farm. Jo is also is the school and education facilitator. Jo has spent the last 30 years working with children and animals and brings her teaching expertise to the farm. Jo's passion and love of sharing animal husbandry and farm life with children and young adults is a true vocation.


Farmer Lilli

Farmer Lilli is the farms right hand!  Still attending Berkshire College of Agriculture, Lilli helps out with all aspects of farm life when she can.  She has her own flock of North Ronaldsay Sheep and is very involved in the Lambing season.  In the haymaking season Lilli is invaluable, driving the tractors, trailers and telehandler, a real farmer’s daughter.


Farmer George

Farmer George is our youngest apprentice. Still in full time education, George spends his spare time  helping with all farming activities. It is wonderful to have George involved  on the Farm and learning the family business.


We really are a family enterprise.

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