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Poppies Farm Terms and Conditions

Visitors to Poppies farm agree to follow Poppies Farm rules, as directed once you join us, including but not limited to:

  1. Handling of animals only when supervised by Poppies Farm staff​.

  2. Stay on Poppies Farm designated visitor routes and stay with supervising staff, no wandering off.

  3. Child Supervision - Children should be supervised by an adult at all times whilst visiting the Farm. Accompanying adults must also understand the need for hand washing after contact with the animals and are responsible for ensuring that their children wash their hands thoroughly. 

  4. Any accidents, incidents and any injuries, however minor, should be communicated to a member of staff, who will complete an accident form and take any necessary action.

  5. Contact with Animals - Animals should be approached quietly and carefully and treated with respect. They should only be handled when farm staff give permission. If an animal escapes, please do not approach it, alert a member of farm staff.

  6. Please wear appropriate footwear such as closed toe shoes with a solid sole as you will walk on uneven ground. Ideally please bring a change of footwear for your return journey home so you can adequately clean the footwear you wear on the visit 

  7. Use hand sanitiser / hand washing facilities when directed by Poppies Farm staff in line with our health and safety processes especially after handling the animals. 

  8. Payments made to Poppies Farm are non refundable. If you are unable to join us on the booked day, you will need to re book.

  9. Pregnant Women - If you are pregnant or suspect you might be pregnant you should stay away from any pregnant ewes and new born lambs. 

  10. You are responsible for parking your vehicle safely, we cannot take any responsibility for accidents you have while parking. 

  11. After your visit - Any person who becomes ill following a visit to the farm and feels that they may have contracted an infection from an animal should immediately contact their GP and clearly describe the level of contact that they have had with that animal. Parents/guardians should be made aware of the risks following contact with animals.

Health and Safety Policy

As a working farm, we take safety seriously. Please contact Joanna on 07770 883884

to receive a copy of these.


Please find below our volunteering form for completion before your visit us.

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